Ellis Briggs special Build 1952 Bike for the Daily Express 14 day Tour of Britain

Weight 23lb’s 8oz

The frame was built by Ellis Briggs master frame builder Eric Colebrook, the forks were built by Ken Russell, who apart from being an employee of the company, was also their team rider. Mainly English & French equipment back in the 1950’s, the riders chose firstly, the frame, and then built up the bike with their own preferred parts.

English equipment, Frame – Ellis Briggs, Saddle & Seat pin-brooks, CO2 pump Pennine Rear gear, Freewheel block Cyclo, Quick release hubs – British Hub Co.

French Equipment. Bottle cage & bottle Simplex. Brakes Beborex. Bars & Stem Phillipe. Front changer-Simplex. Cranks- Stronglight Chairings – T.A. Pedals- Lyotard. Toe clips & Straps – Christophe

Italian Equipment.  Rims-Fiamme. Spare tubular carrier-Vittoria

The tubular tyres that Ken used were probably Dallesandro, or Pirelli, but it is sadly impossible to find any nowadays.