Brian Charlton
Senior Design Consultant

Brian joined the company back in 1998 and was instrumental in pushing the business into the computer age, having started with one computer and a typewriter…. You can imagine how that has changed. Having started as a trainee and under the tuition of Stephen, he has learnt from the vast experience and creative mind of his mentor and developed into one of the senior designers in the business.

Brian has dealt with both domestic and commercial clients, and has built up a reputation of his own ensuring clients often return, providing them not only with individual design, but a personal service. Approaching all of his jobs with a hands on attitude, he is not only able to understand how to design, but how to “put it together” too.

A keen all round sportsman, keeping fit is something he enjoys come rain or shine, and even manages the odd kick about, with friend, as well as the pint that comes afterwards. Once a keen DJ, the vinyl might not get played as much as it used to, but music is still a big part of his life. Since getting married in 2007 all the above have taken second place to family life with Claire & Alfie.