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From 1930 onwards, the Zehnder Group has developed into a leading, global-active radiator manufacturer. Designed by renowned international designers, they stand for a modern and self-conscious savoir-vivre. They blend perfectly into the current lifestyles like the country house ambience, minimalistic purism, classic style or colourful modern trends.

Zehnder design radiators are available in more than 700 colors and surfaces. Moreover, we can always make special shapes for you: whether angled, curved or slanted. We know what we are talking about when we say: ‘Life is Style!’ And you can depend on the fact that Zehnder design radiators represent a high quality lifestyle product that forms worlds of living with its shapes.

Since the beginning of the new century, we have transformed ourselves from a pure radiator company to a provider of a comfortable room climate. The advance in the area of the so-called silent cooling using our radiant ceiling panels and our new business area of comfort ventilation are an expression of our vision.