Yorkshire Hot Tubs is a family-run business and the only exclusive showroom for Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas to service the North of England.

Hydropool Luxury Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs are the only truly Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs in the world. The revolutionary system makes owning a hot tub almost maintenance free whilst still ensuring that the water is always hygienically clean and crystal clear. Upgrades such as extra lighting and stereo systems to name but a few are available on all models, making the self-cleaning range perfect for all the family and entertaining alike.

With over 30 years experience, the Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tub is everything you would expect from the market leaders in relaxation and stress relief.

Love to Swim but Short On Space? A great addition to the Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot tub, is the Hydropool Aqua Sport Swim Spa or the Aqua trainer swin spa. The Swim Spas come complete with powerful swim jets that enable you to literally swim-in-place on a jet of water, controllable for speed dependent on your age, strength and technique. The Aqua Sport Swim Spa has two core stream jets that deliver a smooth swim. The Aqua Trainer Swim Spa has two patented adjustable wide stream swim jets and one core stream jet that provide the best swimming experience in the industry. A Self-Cleaning Swim Spa from Hydropool combines all the advantages of a spa, hot tub, gym and mini swimming pool all in to one.