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Gaggenau was founded in 1683 as an ironworks by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden. With initial production of enamelled signs, we acquired valuable skills for the production of our enamelled ovens. Today, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognised brand and quality mark.

Our appliances are authentic and present in every detail. Authentic in the choice of materials, present in their design language. We only use materials that are aesthetic and durable: Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass. Each appliance thus gets a completely unique feel and impresses with designs that correspond precisely to its character.

Sophisticated product design always considers the effect of the appliance in the room. A factor that is more important than ever today, as kitchens are increasingly becoming the centre of the home architecturally also. Our design language transforms appliances into sculptural objects, lending our products an incisive generosity.